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Quick Gun

The QUICK GUN is a small, efficient HVLP type of spray apparatus that operates with an aerosol action. It can be powered by any small home type air-compressor with a 20 gallon tank and a 5 Hp. Rated motor. The tail of the gun is inserted into a bucket of product and held approximately 2 inches off of the bottom by the line clip that comes with the gun. When the trigger is compressed, the air pulls the product up to the gun and disburses it in a round air pattern. Holding the gun tip 14 away from the surface being coated will result in a 3.5 to 4.5 spray pattern. There are no moving internal parts for the product distribution half of the gun therefore it is very easy to clean and maintain. This spray apparatus is designed for tight places and hard to reach areas, not for large surfaces or jobs larger than 1000 SQ. FT.

Oct 13th 2010

To cure a condensation problem to the internal ceiling section in the amenities area of B166.

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