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TEMP-COAT for Industrial Applications

You can't afford NOT to use TEMP-COAT®

If you've got a big job to do that requires juggling a lot of equations and variables such as heat, cold consideration, space, freeze, thaws, heat tracing, down time, turnarounds and a myriad of other considerations, demand TEMP-COAT®.

TEMP-COAT Advantages

  • Conserves energy saving you money
  • Protects personnel
  • Has thousands of residential, commercial and industrial uses
  • Is a full time, all the time insulation
  • Is extremely flexible, aiding in the prevention of corrosion under
  • insulation and limits migration of corrosion spores
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Eliminates over 85% of solar heat transfer - highly reflective
  • Adheres to hot and cold surfaces (-80° F(-66.2C) to +350°
  • F(176.7C) Product can insulate surfaces to 500º F following manufacturers instructions
  • Offers more protection with less maintenance
  • Easy to use and repair
  • Visual inspection, Does not require jacketing
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Impervious to water, salt water and most chemicals
  • Reduces or stops expansion and contraction, which causes roof damage
  • Creates a better work environment, increasing productivity
  • Eliminates waste in insulation
  • Provides a constant, uninterrupted thermal barrier regardless of the length or size of the job
  • Will not absorb moisture or liquids under normal circumstances
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Can be tinted most light to medium colors
  • Extremely safe - contains no chlorides, no V.O.C.s, no heavy metals, Ph=7-8
  • Prevents Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
  • Will not harbor rodents, insects or airborne pathogens

Oct 13th 2010

To cure a condensation problem to the internal ceiling section in the amenities area of B166.

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